NorCal Church Alive: Dialogue with the Board of Directors (VIDEO)

Join this dialogue with the Christian Science Board of Directors as they reflect on the spirit of church and then respond to questions from the audience about the possibilities of church going forward. Four of the Directors joined in person and Michael Pabst participated via Skype for this final session of NorCal Church Alive Summit.

NorCal Church Alive: Prayer Warriors in the Community (VIDEO)

As part of the Community Embrace panel at the Northern California Church Alive Summit, Kristen Wakefield and John Best-Jarvis present the experiences of the downtown Sacramento Reading Room. The ‘Prayer Warriors’, a group of Christian Scientists, worked with the Sacramento Downtown Partnership, tasked to work with the homeless. Kristen presents amazing stories from their work together.

Manual Myth Busters (VIDEO)

As part of the New Shoots topic of the Northern California Church Alive Summit,  Michael R. Davis, with the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity, discusses aspects of the Christian Science culture. Topics include the relationship of branch churches to the Manual of the Mother Church, and the extensive forgiveness shown by Mary Baker Eddy.