2013 Northern California Church Alive Summit Recap

Summit Theme: “Growing New Shoots from Deep Spiritual Roots”

Northern California Church Alive Summit, May 3-5

The Northern California Church Alive Summit was held in Sacramento, California over 3 days in May, 2013. The summit mission was: To emerge from this gathering inspired with fresh, practical and immediately useful ideas for growing our individual practice, church family, and community embrace. The theme was: “Growing New Shoots from Deep Spiritual Roots”

The summit topics were organized into these areas: Deep Roots, New Shoots, Community Embrace, and Blossoms/Fruits.

Please enjoy the extensive videos and resources that are available below.


Friday Evening Summit Welcome Jason Marsh, George Strong, Jennifer Dale, Musicians Video

SATURDAY – Morning

Church Alive Welcome, Purpose & Focus Bill Warrick, Church Alive ManagerJennifer Dale, Emcee Video
Summit Mission and Video
DEEP ROOTS “The structure of Truth and Love…” Mary Baker Eddy
The Soil of Church Growth: Movement of the Spirit Madelon Maupin, Bible SpeakerChet Manchester CSB, President of The Mother Church Video
NEW SHOOTS “…whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle…” Mary Baker Eddy
Love Jason Marsh Video
Manual Myth Busters Michael Davis, MBE Library for the Betterment of Humanity Video
For the Love of Church: Changes that Work Auburn and Mountain View Churches Resources
Video – Mountain View,
Video – Auburn
Youth Perspectives on Church Students Video

SATURDAY afternoon breakout sessions for Individual and Church Growth

Lectures as Comminity Embrace David Mackenroth Resources
Reading Rooms as Community Embrace Kristen Wakefield and John Best-Jarvis Resources
Mary Baker Eddy and the Manual Michael Davis
Nurturing Healers and Caregivers Susan Breuer, CS and George Strong Resources
Answering Questions about Christian Science Eric Nelson, CS, Committee on Publication for Northern California Resources
Church Fellowship: “…And on the same branch bend.” Carrie Curlee Resources References
Then, Now, Next: Exploring Outreach in the Digital Era Gabriel Serafini Resources
Sunday School: “the Highlight of the Week” Jon Heath and John Biggs, CS
Institutional Outreach Brian Shiffman
Building Community through Bible Study Madelon Maupin Video Session 1, Video Session 2, Resources
Youth Program Activities & Discussion – Radical Acts Game and Envisioning Church Chet Manchester CSB and DiscoveryBound Staff
Mural Project: Gift for downtown community (throughout the day) Alex Cook
Alex CookDesiree Goyette, Gerry Johnson, Nick Lynch, Jason Marsh, Jon Marsh, Renee  Video


MUSIC PROGRAM and Church Music Discussion Alex CookDesiree Goyette, Gerry Johnson, Nick Lynch, Jason Marsh, Jon Marsh, Renee  Video


SUNDAY Morning


SUNDAY Afternoon

COMMUNITY EMBRACE DISCUSSION “…that institution, which affords proof of its utility…” Mary Baker Eddy
Youth Vision for Church Chet Manchester CSB and Students Video
Breaking Down Fears and Cultural Barriers David Fowler and Jorge Perez Video,Breaking Down Fears Resources

Cultural Barriers Resources


Ecumenical Engagement Brian Talcott CSB Video,Handouts:
A Self-Understanding of Christian Science,
Ecumenical Engagement,
Circle of Faith
Prayer Warriors in the Community John Best-JarvisKristen Wakefield  Video
BLOSSOMS and FRUITS Inspiration
Dialogue with the Board of Directors of The Mother Church Bill Warrick  Video
Summit Fruitage and Ideas Going Forward Everyone  Video

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  1. Hi! I was under the impression that videos of the various workshops held at the summit would be available on the CSNC website. I saw a lot of filming going on. Will videos of each individual workshops be available in the near future? I was not able to attend several interesting workshops, and the ones that I did attend are too comprehensive for me to share in full with our membership. A video of each one could be easily shared with members and would encourage their enthusiasm. Thanks for any info about future video availability. Yvonne

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