Changes For the Love of Church – Mountain View (VIDEO)

As part of the New Shoots topic of the Northern California Church Alive Summit, Jan Holden, C.S., and Alan Wiersba share the motivations and activities that the Mountain View, California, church has been implementing. Topics include removing barriers between the church and the community, and developing a richer sense of Christian fellowship among members.

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  1. Thank you for posting this video. I love the freshness and inspiration of the ideas you present, and the overwhelming sense of warmth, openness and love. This gave me a lot to think about and do.
    I loved (among others) the idea of church being wherever and whenever… the idea of the prayers for the congregation making the service into an experience that leaves people floating out of the church … the idea that this is why the lesson sermon is so essential, and the idea that:
    “…formalism and narrowness …chills the spirit of Christianity.” S&H p 256

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