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“Yes, we’re Christian. No, we’re not a cult!”

Join the latest ecumenical workshop entitled “Yes, we’re Christian. No, we’re not a cult!” The workshop covers how Christian Science fits in a contemporary Christian world, why it is wanted and needed, and what individual Christian Scientists can do to support that. See flyer for contact information.  The first such workshop in Northern California will be(…)

Mountain View – Getting to Know our Neighbors

Mountain View – Getting to Know our Neighbors

As the members of First Church, Mountain View developed a greater sense of fellowship amongst themselves, this naturally expanded to getting to know their neighbors better as well. Watch and listen as members share some of the ways they have been able to support their neighborhood–including a community vegetable garden and a church rummage sale.(…)

Summit Fruitage

Summit Fruitage

by Sue Krevitt in Santa Cruz Recently I was included in a Post-Summit meeting of sixteen Christian Scientists–wonderful folks eager to give-and-receive fresh and enlightening ideas on the topic of church–an important subject in all our hearts. There were Journal-listed practitioners, budding practitioners, a CS Teacher… all solid thinkers and doers in our movement, in this(…)

Worldwide Church Alive Prayer Watch

There is a link at for “Worldwide Church Alive Prayer Watch”.  Visit the link:  Here are some excerpts from the site: What is the Worldwide Church Alive Prayer Watch? The purpose of the Prayer Watch is to prayerfully support the activities and events of Church Alive across the globe. The Church Alive Prayer Watch community gathers twice(…)

  • NorCal Church Alive: Mary Baker Eddy and the Manual breakout session

    Michael Davis, Historian and Researcher from the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity, answers question about The Church Manual and Mary Baker Eddy. He dispels some myths regarding church membership and bylaws governing branch church relationships.

  • NorCal Church Alive: Reading Rooms as Community Embrace

    John Best-Jarvis and Kristen Wakefield discuss an example of the work of the “Prayer Warriors” work at the downtown Sacramento Christian Science Reading Room. This is a short excerpt of the breakout session on Reading Rooms as Community Embrace

  • For the Love of Church: Youth Perspectives on Church

    As part of the New Shoots topic of the Northern California Church Alive Summit, Alison Osborne, Kendall McMurray, and Eric Pagett, CS, discuss church from the Youth Perspective. They present a video gathering perspectives from around the country.

Praying about Peace

How are you praying about peace among adherents of different religions and spiritual traditions, including those who espouse no faith?
- Marilyn McPherson

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